Mojo Dojo Conduct Policy

Mojo Dojo Comedy, LLC is based on fostering the art of improvisational theater through education, outreach, training, and performance. The following conduct policy is a written understanding to help us move forward together to create a successful performance and learning environment.
• Arrive on time and ready to work
• Notify your Instructor or Coach of absences ahead of time
• Help maintain a safe atmosphere
• Be supportive

Under the Influence
Please refrain from being under the influence of alcoholic beverages and/or illegal drugs during all class sessions. We want you to be able to perform at your peak. 

Sexual Harassment
Mojo Dojo Comedy will not, under any circumstances, condone or tolerate conduct which may constitute sexual harassment. We at Mojo Dojo Comedy encourage healthy friendships; however, everyone must be sensitive to conduct which may be considered offensive by fellow performers, and must refrain from engaging in such conduct. 

If you experience any questionable issue, please bring it to the attention to your instructor, Coach, a member of the Mojo Dojo Comedy Board (James, Erik, Lee, Jared, or Joel), or another trusted individual who can do so on your behalf. We will work to address the issue immediately. 

Learn more about our Zero-Tolerance policy and how to report incidents at: